You wouldn't apply for a business loan without the correct documentation...

| Tuesday May 2


If you’ve had to navigate the business loan application process, you know that having the right information and documentation is key.

This is the same with employment relations matters.

The Fair Work legislative scheme is compulsory and complex. Businesses need to implement the correct documentation and processes, yet 80% of them choose to DIY.

Imagine applying for a business loan with the wrong papers… You wouldn’t get very far at all.

Here at Connect For Success we use Cooee to ensure that our employment documentation complies with the ever-changing legislation.  We receive tailored contracts, workplace policies and proactive advice from their team of lawyers and employment relations specialists.

Trust us, thanks to Cooee, the correct documentation costs less than you think.

The team have recently launched an ‘Essentials’ package, to ensure that businesses are armed with the correct employment documentation, from as little as $1,500 (plus GST). This package is perfect for small and emerging enterprises. You may have one or two employees, a few contractors on board or be about to make your first hire.

Click here for a free consultation, and secure your business with the correct documentation today!